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Tara tata, tara tata Under the gallows tonight
Tara tata, tara tata Beggars are wed tonight
What do I care about Tara? I hate Tara!
The gum!
What? Gum?
Chewing gum!
By gum!
Home, to Tara. They've been fighting all day around Tara.
I hate Tara!
Well, by gum.
Eh, by gum!
Well, by gum!
Tara. From which you get your strength. The red earth of Tara.
I don't want Tara.
A mortgage on Tara.
Anyone? bubble gum pops
The people against Ghadafi in Libya, tara dam, tara doom, went and captured Tripoli
The red earth of Tara.
And must you chew gum?
Melly, we're home! We're at Tara!
Will you take me to Tara?
Yes, and what good is Tara?
The gum has lost its taste.
Gum? How's that possible you ask?
Could you stop chewing the gum?
I want a stick of gum.
I want to go home to Tara!
Mrs. Wilkes, we're taking you to Tara.
That's all of Tara you'll ever get!
Nothing. Not even a stick of gum.
Mr. Pedro will need more opium gum.
But by gum, I'll kiss you now.
I don't need twenty kinds of chewing gum.
We met because of a piece of gum.
Hi, boy. Hey, you wanna chew some gum?
And when I'm gone, I'll leave Tara to you.
I can't do everything at Tara all by myself.
I'll show you who the owner of Tara is.
I want 300 to pay the taxes on Tara.
There wouldn't be much help in that for Tara.
Bazooka bubble gum with the little cartoon wrappers inside,
Here's a stick of gum. It'll do you good.
We're going to Tara right away. The Yankees are coming!


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