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Ever since we...
Since we met.
منذ أن التقينا
Then, since we connected,
بما اننا نتشابه في الافكار
Since we were kids.
منذنحنك ن اأطفال .
Since we were children.
منذ نحن ك ن ا أطفال .
Since we moved in?
منذ انتقلنا هنا
Since we were kids.
منذ كنا اطفالا.
Since we was grasshoppers.
منذ ان كنا جنادب
Since we was grasshoppers.
منذ نحن كنا جنادب
منذ أن كنا متزوجين.
Since we were eleven.
منذ أن كنا فى سن الـ11
Since we there all
طالما أننا جميعا فيه
We have since over!
يجب علينا أن نذهب!
Since we were kids.
منذ نحن ك ن ا أطفال .
Since we were kids.
منذ كنا صغارا.
Since we were rookies.
منذ ان كنا مجندين جدد
Well...since we brothers...
بينما نحن أخوان
Since we got here.
منذ وصلنا إلى هنا.
We haven't talked since.
و لم نتكلم من وقتها
Since we hung out.
منذ كنا سويا
Ever since we arrived.
منذ لحظة وصولنا,
Since we are family.
بما إننا كعائلة
Since we were little.
منذ أن كنا صغارا
We haven't stopped grooving since we started.
لم تتوقفوا عن الحز منذ أن بدأنا
We was homeys since we were little.
كنا نعيش في الحي عينه منذ الصغر
Since we have no dates, we should...
بما أنه ليس لأحدنا رفيق ...
We been fightin' ever since we met.
كنا fightin 'منذ ذلك الحين التقينا.
We were friends since we were kids.
لقد كنا أصدقاء منذ أن كنا أطفال
Since we was kids, we was partners.
لقد كنا أصدقاء منذ الطفولة لقد كنا معا دائما
We haven't seen Karen or Jesse since, um... uh... since...
لم نرى كارين أو جيسي منذ منذ
We haven't done that since we were kids.
لم نقم بفعل هذا منذ أن كن ا أطفال
Since we were children, we knew Father Gianolo.
منذ ان كنا اطفال ونحن نعرف الأب جايانولو
We have been since the day we met.
نحن هكذا منذ التقينا
We have been ever since we got here.
لقد كنا كذلك منذ أن جئنا إلى هنا
Since we have Murtaugh we don't need you.
منذ ان جاء مورتو نحن لسنا بحاجه اليك
We haven't seen meat since we left Egypt.
لم نر اللحم منذ أن غادرنا مصر
But since we moved in together, we just...
لكن منذ انتقالنا للعيش معا ، لقد...
We haven't met since we left our hometown.
لم نتقابل منذ أن تركنـا بلدتنـا.
Since we passed quickly, and we went flying.
لأن كل أيامنا قد انقضت برجزك. أفنينا سنينا كقصة
Since we laughed about anything.
منذ أن ضحكنا على أي شيء
We are together since years.
إننا معا منذ سنوات
Ever since we were kids.
منذ أن كنا أطفال
Since we are here, here.
بما أننا هنا إذن هنا
We haven't spoken since then.
لم نتحد ث من حينها.
And since we mixed elsewhere,
ولاننا ربما اختلطنا مع تلك الجماعات في مكان آخر


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